A creative style, an innovator, an artist.



Mody Kraytem completed her studies in fine arts at the Lebanese American University in 1987. Her multi-faceted exposure and her passion for interior design gave her the know-how and made her a seeker of new trends introducing innovative design solutions in renovation and design projects. Her constant search for the right style is accentuated by her regular attendance of international furniture and design exhibitions around the world.

Combining essence of forms with elegance of proportions while using a refined variety of materials and rich fabrics is Mody’s strength. Her eye for subtle colours and how she manipulates her palette provides her space with a distinguished and sleek personal touch. The results are sublime, rich and tactile, combining both high style glamour and refined simplicity.

One of the most remarkable aspects of her style is her access and control over innovative wood species and veneers giving her the ability to design inimitable furniture and unique individual pieces.

A flexible designer that navigates smoothly between styles and eras, Mody will create with her fresh and creative approach an eclectic and chic space. Taking a contemporary approach to her interiors makes her able to create a look with an edge, achieving chic and timeless interiors.

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